Day: November 11, 2020

How Can I Know if my Cell Phone Has Was Hacked?How Can I Know if my Cell Phone Has Was Hacked?

Worried your mobile phone could be hacked? I am planning to discuss how to check by identifying some specific signs. It is really easy once you learn what to look for.

If ever your mobile phone is displaying some of the following strange behaviors,and particularly if it’s displaying more than one of these,there is a great chance that it can be hacked.

Unaccountable or out of place pop ups: Bright,flashing ads or Obscene content appearing on your mobile phone can indicate a malware attack.

Texts or calls not made by you: If you detect text or calls directly from your mobile phone that you didn’t make,your mobile phone can be hacked.

Greater than usual data use: There can be many causes for high data use (for example,increased use of a recent app). But when your mobile phone activity has stayed the exact same but your data use has skyrocketed,it is time to investigate.

Apps you do not recognize on your mobile phone: Bear in mind that new mobile phone often feature pre-downloaded applications. But if you detect new applications appearing once you already have the mobile phone,there can be malware involved.

Power draining really fast: If your mobile phone use habits have stayed the same,but your battery is draining faster than normal,hacking may be responsible.

How could my mobile phone be hacked?

Hackers might access to your mobile phone in a number of ways,but they nearly all need action on your part. Merely by keeping your mobile phone unlocked you may allow easy access for someone to setup a spy app – you should find out more about these applications and what they can do over at Igeek Phone.

For example,your mobile phone can be hacked when you have:

1. Installed a harmful app

To prevent installing an application that can be embedded with malware,only choose applications from the Google Play Store or the Apple Application Store.

You need to also confirm that the creator listed for the app is correct. For example,the developer for the Gmail app should only be shown as Google LLC. And last but not least,read the app customer reviews. Most of the reviews should be favorable.

2. Clicked on a malicious hyperlink

If you get an email or text from a sender you don’t know,avoid clicking any included web links or installing any files. There’s a possibility they may include things like malware.

If you’re exploring the web and stumble upon a link you think might be suspicious,plug it into a site scanner like Norton Safe Web before clicking it.

3. Used unsecured public wi-fi

Choosing your mobile phone to search on public wi-fi can increase the chances of your mobile phone being susceptible to hacking. So keep your connections safer,make use of a VPN (virtual private network) for encryption and privacy.

What do I do whenever my mobile phone has been tapped?

If you’ve identified that your mobile phone has been tapped,there are certain steps you can take in order to sort it out. Just before you begin,we suggest letting your contacts know that your mobile phone has been hacked,and that they shouldn’t click any unusual looking web links they might have received from you. The following are more measures you can take.

Delete suspicious applications

As You are aware,saving a suspicious app is a common way to invite malware onto your mobile phone. If you discover that your mobile phone has indeed been hacked,take a list of your applications and remove everything that came from a 3rd party source (to put it simply,not the Apple Application Store or the Google Play store). Check that any newly downloaded applications came from trusted developers and have good reviews. If they don’t,remove them from your mobile phone.

Use anti-malware software programs

Anti-malware software can really help you pinpoint and target malware hiding on your mobile phone Anyone should run this routinely,but if you have never done this before,today is a great time to begin.

Factory reset your mobile phone.

The majority of malware can be removed with a full reset of your mobile phone. This can,however,remove any details stored on your phone,for instance, pictures,notes,and contacts,therefore it is important to back-up this information before resetting your phone.

Change your security passwords

Itis really possible that your login information was exposed whenever your mobile phone was tapped. The moment you’ve removed the malware,reset all of your passwords and create strong passwords for each and every account.

How do I keep my cell phone secure?

We’ve pretty much gone over several of the ways you can download malware on your mobile phone,therefore help prevent those by vigilantly vetting applications,assessing suspicious web links before clicking them,and avoiding public Wi-Fi. For a lot more web based security information and facts go to – this spy software guide.

The following are some additional ways you might keep your mobile phone safe and secure.

Stay away from keeping sensitive information (like charge card numbers) on your mobile phone. Or maybe,keep them in a safe and secure app.

Switch off Bluetooth when you are not using it.

Create a custom-made passcode for accessing your mobile phone.

Help protect your mobile phone by downloading the current software updates immediately after they are published.

Frequently keep an eye on your mobile phone for indications of peculiar behaviour,like unusual pop ups or increased battery use.

The idea of a hacked mobile phone is definitely frightening,but the good thing is that you are able to take measures to prevent mobile phone hacking or to fix it,if it has already happened. Monitor your mobile phone activity on a regular basis and be on the ball about what you click,download and save.


Tips to Make Public Speaking EasierTips to Make Public Speaking Easier

“All those great speakers were bad speakers at first.”
Most people fear presenting their views in front of a great audience,whether a single person or a broad audience. Research conducted by scientists reveals that public speaking is part of your job and can influence how you present your ideas,receive more funds,or advance your career.
In this article,we will discuss tips that can make public speaking an easier task.

Be prepared

The most vital part of the presentation is before you can even start talking. The moment you begin to speak,you will always be thankful for your preparedness.
â ¢ Spare a lot of time when preparing the notes that you need for your presentation. The time will be ideal for organizing your materials and practice as well.
â ¢ In case you are to use a hand-out,always ensure they are ready in advance.
â ¢ Rehearse your presentation in front of a mirror,your friends,or a video camera. Watch the recording and get feedback.

Command the space

Study your body language. Maintaining acceptable body language during your presentation can be significant in how your message is interpreted and received.
Below are some tips on improving the right physical communication.
â ¢ Face the audience while your feet stand a distance apart.
â ¢ Try to make eye contact; it shouldn’t take long since you may look creepy.
â ¢ Make sure you use the stage by moving around,but never pace.
â ¢ Don’t pocket your hands,clasping your hand in front or behind your body or crossing your arms.

Channel your inner Patrick Stewart

Your voice tone or how you deliver your message will significantly affect how your message is received. To talk confidently,you must try to emulate those trained actors like Captain Patrick Stewart.
Ensure you follow these 5ps for your speech to be clear
â ¢ Projection
â ¢ Pace
â ¢ Pitch
â ¢ Pronunciation
â ¢ Pause

Know your audience

It’s good to ensure your language,content,body language,and tone is ideal for your audience.
Be transparent with what your audience should expect at the end of your speech. It’s also essential for establishing your credibility. Ensure you inform your audience of the importance of the address you are going to deliver.

Conquer your fear

Always having in mind how the nerves affect the ability to speak in public is a great start. Knowing the outcome may help calm them and continue if they start.
Preparedness matters when it comes to being nervous. The more prepared you are,the less anxious you will be.
Caffeine is not suitable for drinking before your public speech session; it may heighten the anxiety. But water is recommendable in case of a dry mouth.

Learn more from the mistakes

After giving your presentation,it’s considerable to give a thought on what worked and what failed. If all was well,consider what led to success. If you didn’t deliver as planned,analyze what went wrong so that you will be perfect next time in your presentation.


As an aspiring public speaker,this article will positively impact your life; it got all the required tips to make your audience crave more of your pieces. For more infromation please visit